Talented, ambitious and determined.  To know Bigg Rich is to love him and to love him is to fully understand him and what he stands for and that’s positivity.  At the tender age of 12-years-old Richard Griffin started making music.

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 Growing up in Wellston, one of St. Louis most dangerous areas, Bigg Rich’s only desire was to finish high school and get a job.  After high school, he decided to further his education by enrolling at Lincoln University where he would earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.  While in school he strayed away from his passion for music to focus on his academics and being involved on campus.  Although music wasn’t on the forefront it wasn’t far from his mind.


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 After graduation, Bigg Rich landed a contracted job with Google.  This is exactly what Rich needed to help him invest in his music career.  With the money that Bigg Rich earned he used it to pay for studio time.  Bigg Rich stepped into the studio and went to work.  From the moment that he stepped into the studio, his dream was brought back to life.  Only this time he came back full force, working with the producer Sleep, he dropped his first single, Fat Boy Roll.

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 Bigg Rich would later put together a business plan in which he went out and shopped to investors who believed in his brand, but most importantly, who believed in his music.  What could you expect from Bigg Rich? Live energy, positive energy, lyrical word play, art and being a visionary.  He prides himself in putting the stories back into the music.

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