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Great Food!

The name says it all. If our customers know the name. Great food, great beer, great music!  Fun for the whole family or a night on the town. Check us out in the heart of Jeff Co!

Live Music!

Check out our live music the last Saturday of each month! Get excited! Rock Radio Revolution will be in the building with a live broadcast!

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Don't wait for a holiday sale or monthly special. Get excited about our daily specials.  A sweet deal with a savory flavor.

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We cater to everyone.  Weather you are on lunch break or attending a luncheon or hosting a holiday party, we got you.

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 We're located at  28 Gravois Station Rd in beautiful House Springs, Missouri 63051. Give us a call at  (636) 671-7048. 

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Rock Radio Revolution – Tuesdays @ 7 PM CT

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MyCityMyMusic @ Overtime Studio

7116 South Broadway, Saint Louis, Missouri 63111, United States

(515) 599-1687