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Like what you hear?  Become a monthly subscriber to help us bring more great content to you

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 Born and raised in St.Louis. Jess knows the true meaning of hustle. A 30 something uncensored black woman coming into her own. First time mom to a toddler that challenges her nerves daily. Exploring what the world has to offer as  she juggles mommy hood, being single, and getting adjusted to her new life. Her friends and family know her as the balanced, tell it like it is, and will laugh through anything with you.



 “Unfiltered and uncensored, Tee, is a Bay Area loving but St. Louis native, who doesn’t hold back. Tee is the owner and CEO of an LGBTQ clothing brand, HouseStud, that not only serves it’s community but brings light, love, and awareness as well. Join Tee on her crazy ride of being engaged and a new parent as she continues to be extremely petty. “

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 "JessTee is a lively, outspoken pop culture podcast that touches on subjects that we see and hear everyday. JessTee is broadcasted through, and hosted by St. Louis natives Jess and Tee." 

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