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Hosted by Charles Bryson, director. Ordinance 67119 (as amended) of the Civil Rights Enforcement Agency (CREA) intends to eliminate, reduce and remedy discrimination in housing, employment, education, city services, public accommodations and real property transactions and uses and to provide equal opportunity enforcement. 

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 The City of St. Louis Civil Rights Enforcement Agency investigates claims of discrimination based on Federal, State of Missouri and City of St. Louis law.




The City of St. Louis Civil Rights Enforcement Agency, or CREA, investigates claims of fair housing, equal employment and public accommodation discrimination. Determinations are based on federal, state and local laws.

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Civil Rights Enforcement Agency

1114 Market St., Suite 626 St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Phone: (314) 622-3301 TTY Phone: (800) 735-2966

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