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 We are a small company that is all about changing lives. We specialize in helping you get your credit fixed fast. We can’t guarantee it will happen in a certain amount of time but you can always ask our current clients.

The Choice


"This establishment definitely shows the style, class and demure that captures old time St. Louis! If you are hungry for classic soul food meals prepared with love, then this is the place you want to visit again and again!"


Bob Coleman


Bob Coleman has always held a strong love for music and entertaining.  A Chicago native, Bob attended Columbia College and majored in radio and television broadcasting.



Bob has been on the air with several radio stations from coast to coast!  He has over 20 years in the business!

BulletProof II


Speaker Demond Crump

Saturday, September 21

10 AM CT

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bob coleman - bullet proof radio

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Bullet Proof Radio will not only promote your brand locally, it will also be heard worldwide!  Grow your business globally! Let's Team Up!  This radio show is unlike any of the local Commercial FM stations that care more about profit than their listeners.  Let's face it, people are on the go. They want mobile! Listen on your computer at work or take it on the go with your phone, laptop, or tablet!

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