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Wordy, artist, and your every day girl next door. Born and raised in the heart of the Bible Belt. Been speaking her mind and bending the rules since she could walk. LU collegiate athlete and single mum of four with a big heart, big shoulders, and a zest for life. No shortage of personality and she considers no day wasted as long as you laugh and make someone else smile. She’s all love, light, and a little go “eff” yourself when needed. But wholeheartedly believes that helping others is the key to success, happiness and staying young. Also believes that besides love, music is the only other universal language.  

Kim Perry

kim perry

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Welcome to the Beyond FM Facebook Page. We are a St. Louis-based entertainment podcast promoting and presenting all that is cool about the STL. We record and broadcast on Monday nights between 7 pm and 9 pm.


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 We are a St. Louis-based entertainment radio show promoting and presenting all that is cool about our city. We broadcast live on Monday nights at 7 pm!



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